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Wow... what a night!

Last night has given me so much to think about. We can't believe how much fun we had with everyone who came out to our #NotYourAverageWedding because you made last night so much more special than anything we could've ever imagined!

Photo: Kris Collier, The Kickbacks

It was seriously a dream come true in every way!

Photo: Bonnie Geisel

A few things in specific; big thanks to The Eclectic Room for working with us on this idea. We have seen a lot of shows, including some of our favorite bands, on that stage and to not only use that stage, but to be treated like total rock stars from the moment we walked in til the last note rang out, it was seriously such a blessing. Big ups to Hap, Jon, and everyone else who worked the show last night. We hope Photo: Bonnie Geisel the night was just as fun for you as it was for us!

Thank you to HazenSol! You guys were the last show we saw before the world shut down last year and we are truly grateful that we could get you guys back on stage for almost your first show back! We love you guys so much and your love and support of us means more than words could ever describe. Your set was amazing, and your kind words at the end of the night were so special and surreal to us. Photo: Austin Wiard

We love you guys and can't wait for the new album!!

Thank you... doesn't even cut it when it comes to how we feel about The Kickbacks! You guys took us under your wing very early on. You allowed us a glimpse into your world as a band and a lot of how we have been able to ingratiate ourselves into the local scene has been because of your hard work in trying to make Fort Wayne a place to see and create music; on stage and off. Not to mention you guys make kick-ass music, to boot! There were no other bands we wanted to share such a special moment for not only ourselves, but for our TRUE introduction to this scene than the both of you guys and we can't thank you enough for the love, support, and tips!

Photo: Joyce Crozier

Thank you so much to our families and ESPECIALLY to my grandparents and my aunt. For those who were in the dinner party before doors, that cake you were so in love with was made by my aunt and if you ever want it again, hit us up and we can get you that sweet sweet craving you need! Furthermore, in case you weren't aware, our original caterer, who DEMANDED to do our wedding way back when we got engaged (THREE YEARS AGO!) bailed on us unexpectedly. Our back up plan was a bunch of pizzas but they swooped in right at the last second and said "No way. We're going to make this way better than that!" I will never be able to thank my family enough for this but just know that it meant way more than

Photo: Bonnie Geisel anything that not only were you so willing

to help us out, but the fact that you guys

are there at all is something I have

NEVER taken for granted.

A HUUUUUGE shout out to Drew (drums) and Lake (bass) for filling in for us! We had an absolute blast putting this show together with you guys and I have a distinct feeling that we will get to do it again VERY soon! ;)

Drew is a free agent at the moment who is interested in looking for some studio session work as well as live work.

Lake is in a band called Inside Girl. Check them out and hit him up for some session work as well! (Photo: Mr. Koble)

Thank you to the newest addition to the Wiard family, the one and only Greg "Scotty" Wiard! You have truly changed my life and the fact that you even wanted to do something crazy like this to celebrate our love and union means absolutely everything to me. Your constant support in my creativity has never been lost on me, especially when I get to look over and watch you leave every single person who consumes our content in awe.

Photo: Tiffany Speith

And lastly, thank you to each and every person for coming out and sticking around until the very end! Hearing you sing back our songs, cheering after every song, and watching people enjoy what so many of us have had to go without for what felt like an eternity was so inspiring and incredibly healing; and to be part of that is an honor we will never be able to forget. Lots of bands have cool debut performances, but none will ever be more special than what we got to do and that really does start with you. Thank you for learning some of our songs, thank you for buying the merch, (Shout out to Harley and Patrick for picking up on merch duty on the fly! You guys ROCK! And thank you for sporting the merch at the show, too!) and thank you for supporting LIVE music! There really is, in our opinion, no better feeling than being at a show, and now we can say that as not only people who GO to shows, but as people who PLAY shows. This is just the beginning and if we made an impact on at least one life last night that gets them to come to the next one, then our job has been done. We cannot wait to do it again!

This post will be updated with photos as we see them. If you have any video from the night, especially if you have FULL SONGS, please email them to us at We should be receiving our photos from CK2 Event and Photography in the next few weeks but from the ones they showed me before they left, I know you guys are going to love them. Keep tagging us in your photos and sending them to us. We love seeing them!

Speaking of doing it again, we have another show! July 10th, at The Muse on Main, we will be making our official FORT WAYNE debut opening for Set For The Fall! Tickets for that are available in advance for $8 and at the door day of for $10! As stated, last night was just the beginning and we hope you can meet us along the way!

Stay safe, stay well, and always remember...

To Breathe Again

With love,

Austin and Greg

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