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To Breathe Again is a four-peice alternative metal band from Fort Wayne, Indiana

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"[Austin's] voice almost mixes a Paramore type of vibe to the heavier guitars behind him and I think it makes for a great song that brings multiple genres to the table...."

Travis Gregory, TD Music Reviews

Member Bios

 Austin Wiard

This may be Austin's first band, but he's known exactly who he was as a performer since he was a teenager.

His dream was clear: write songs that meant something to people and that would provide the backbone for a full, dynamic, and powerful rock show!


He set out to continue honing his songwriting abilities, citing major influences as James Hetfield, Taylor Swift, Benjamin Burnely, and Gerard Way, among others. 

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Scotty Wiard

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For some, music is just a way to let out a little bit of energy, but for Scotty Wiard it is so much more than that—it’s a way of life.

His influences include Zakk Wylde, Dimebag Darrell, Alexi Laiho, and many more. A true music lover, Scotty tries to bring as many different styles, techniques, and genres into the mix as possible.

Scotty's ultimate goal is to create music that means something to someone.

Drew Bontempo

Drew has supported To Breathe Again since day one. When we finally opened auditions for the rest of the lineup, he was the first person in our inbox asking for a chance. 

Drew brings a unique style to the group. From heavy hitting punk and rock to technical and precise metal of all sub genres, he has over a decade behind the kit.

His influences include legends such as Vinnie Paul, Josh Wills, Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, Joey Jordison, Aaron Stechauner, and Alex Rüdinger.

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Lake Koble

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Coming into the band as Drew's right-hand man, Lake provides thunderous low end and electric stage presence.

A man of many talents, Lake also produces music under the moniker MIRVGES, as well as fronts Fort Wayne's own punk-rock sensation: Street Mutiny.

His influences include Refused and Green Day; among others!

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