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We're a band?

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that after much debate and a show with each iteration, we have finally, OFFICIALLY, solidified our lineup.

Please welcome Lake Koble and Drew Bontempo to the fold as our official bassist and drummer, respectively.

We had such a fantastic time with them at our wedding and from the very first of only five rehearsals, we had formed a bond and felt a vibe that was just undeniably infectious with everyone involved.

After four years of trying to build this thing up, we cannot wait to march forward together as a solidified unit.

A huge shout out to our boys Bryan and Shawn for stepping up to fill in on a semi-permanent basis while we figured things out. We love them and encourage everyone to follow up with them. They both play around the Lansing, MI area, Bryan being a member of Diecast Romance and Stage Drive!

Love you guys! Thank you for supporting us and we’ll talk soon!

Photo: CK2 Events & Photography

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