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Renovated the website! Also we have a new song coming out!

We definitely did not mean to abandon our blog! Lots of things happening in the To Breathe Camp so let's talk!

We have a brand new single coming out on March 11th called Renegade, featuring our close friend and Voice of Sylas singer, Clayton Hamilton!

Pre-save the single here and check out Voice of Sylas here!

To celebrate the new single, we're hitting the stage for the first time this year with Voice of Sylas and our new friends in Bebop and the Rocksteadys. We have a brand new set and we have been DYING to get back up there! Tickets are $5 and you can find all the info here!

Other plans we have going on include a brand new record that we are working on writing throughout this year. We worked up a few songs over the break, including the new single, Renegade! We are aiming to have the album out towards the end of the year but we will also make sure that this album is everything it needs to be so we don't want to commit to anything JUST yet! You can see all of our progress and join in on the fun by checking out our Patreon!

Starting at just a dollar a month, you get access to up to the minute updates on our album progress; including things like demos, rehearsal recordings, songwriting sessions, band discussions and so much more! In addition to exclusive content, you can also score merch, concert tickets, and even pre-order the record before anyone else! You also get a private channel in our Discord server where you can keep up with all our band shenanigans, ask questions, and get to know us further! Plus, signing up for any tier means when the record goes to be printed, provided your membership is still active, your name goes in the credits of the album; FOREVER!

Come be a part of our mission to create rock music and spread as much love and strength as we can to any and everyone who needs it!

Don't forget to connect with us on all of our other social media under the Connect tab on our website and be sure to bring a friend along!

Much love! Stay Safe!

And never forget...

See you soon!

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