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Our new song, Renegade, is available NOW on our Bandcamp!!

To help celebrate #BandcampFriday, we dropped our new single a WHOLE WEEK EARLY!!

You can stream the track three times before being prompted to purchase it for just one dollar! Alternatively, you can name your own price and help us that much more!!

Bandcamp Friday is a monthly promotion that Bandcamp does where every first Friday of every month, they waive their split of artist purchases and that split goes directly to the artist! They started this during the quarantine periods of the pandemic and we are so grateful that they have continued it all the way into 2022!

The song drops officially on all platforms next Friday, March 11th, and we are celebrating in our hometown with a BANGER of a lineup; Voice of Sylas and Bebop and the Rocksteadys! Make plans to come out by clicking on the image below and celebrate with us! Then don't forget to purchase the song on Bandcamp and pre-save it on your favorite DSP!!

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