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Give (Two Years Later)

On this day, June 12, 2021, Austin and Scotty said "I Do" and to celebrate we played our very first show with Drew and Lake at The Eclectic Room. They were hired guns for that show but the minute we began rehearsing, we knew we couldn't let them go. We officially made the offer to them and announced their official joining of the band on August 16th of that year.

Today, two years to the date, we are ecstatic to announce Give (Two Years Later) which features Drew and Lake on the recording, as well as completely re-recorded guitars and vocals plus some added production and witchery that we have learned along the way.

This single will come out on August 19th and includes the brand new recording, a stripped down version, and TWO live versions of the song; The Final Muse and from our very first in-person To Christmas Again where we played the full Breaking the Silence album front to back.

In addition to that, OUR ENTIRE STORE IS 20% OFF for the rest of June and the #SkipTheSeams shirt inspired by this song is now $20!

Go to our website for all information and to pre-save the single as well as our live album which comes out on July 21st!

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, and always remember...

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