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Hey fam! Hope you’re having an awesome Friday!

We’re hard at work on getting a bassist and drummer. If you know of anyone in the Fort Wayne, IN area who’s ready to play shows, send them out way.

We’re also three songs in on our next full length record! We have three songs written, one with finalized lyrics, and we have more to get started on.

The biggest news of all is that today we announced that Austin is now an artist on the FeaturedX program, which connects bands and artists to a pool of singers, musicians, and even graphic designers, photographers, and videographers!

You can find Austin here, alongside people like Phil Labonte from All That Remains, Rory and Mike from Dayseeker, our boy Kenway from InGhosts, and SO MUCH MORE!

Thank you for your continued support and be sure to be jamming our record, Breaking The Silence

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