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We are moving to Bandcamp!

At the end of the year, we will be taking our Patreon page down and moving all the benefits over to our new Bandcamp subscriptions page.

We feel that Bandcamp's platform will provide us a better medium to produce the content we aimed at producing for Patreon subscribers and that on your end, things will be a lot smoother!

Two things we're REALLY excited about are the ability to directly upload video content to the member site; which means no clicking on the link in the feed just to be taken somewhere else for early release content! The other thing is that we can start uploading our demos as actual tracks that will be uploaded to your library automatically! All of this and more will be accessible through the Bandcamp app making it your one stop shop for all things TBA. We'll, of course, still have our social media pages and we will still be releasing music to streaming services and through all physical media we can but we're hoping that Bandcamp will help us deliver the same promises and maybe even more that we had intended on with Patreon.

That said, the one downside is we can no longer offer a $1 tier. We may look into other alternatives such as Discord's new subscription service or something to integrate into our website. If you are a current Patreon subscriber or you subscribe any time between now and when we shut the page down, you will still have access to our exclusive subscriber channel in our Discord Server; regardless if you choose to migrate over to Bandcamp with us.

Much love! You can start subscribing to our Bandcamp page NOW by clicking here and all Patreon benefits will remain active until the morning of January 1st.

Stay safe...

Stay strong...

and always remember...

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